3D Printed Fashion – What Are the Things You can 3D Print in Fashion?

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With 3D printing technology, many fashion houses and designers are challenged to do something new and unique to everyone. But, what are the things that can be printed using 3D printing technology?


Additive manufacturing is easily applied to geometric shapes and rigid creations, instead of flexible garments. Therefore, the first pieces that are printed in 3D were important pieces as the one presented by Iris van Herpen during a ready to wear fashion show. 3D printing can expand the creative possibilities for fashion design. It makes it possible to make shapes without molds and to manage to generate elements of intricacy that one might not reach otherwise. But, the rigidity of the 3D printing materials doesn’t enable such creations to be seen outside the runway shows, museums, and galas. Other than that, the printing of such pieces would take time without mentioning the assembly of the different pieces that compose the garments after it was printed.


To get rid of the rigidity constraint, majority of the 3D printed garments are made with the use of mesh systems. It is seen on the collections of Danit Peleg since year 2015. The case of Peleg is interesting in a way that the designer has used home printer for printing her graduate collection while having no particular background in the printing technology.

Peleg also embodies the aspect of a maker. In terms of fashion industry, this movement’s direct application could be to 3D print a clothing at home, which reduces lead times, yet requiring particular skills in product designs to make unique 3D models.


3D printing may be used for making ornaments on traditional textiles, which approaches the idea of the jewel for garments like 3D printed fashion made by Anastasia Ruiz with Sculpteo. The garment’s elements or leather goods like Exocet Paris bags. It is primarily thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU 3D printing material and some polymers like polyamide.

Recently, during Spring Summer of 2018 fashion show held by Iris van Herpen, a designer at Paris Fashion Week, some ornaments of one of the dresses presented were 3D printed with the use of PolyJet technique that enables you to make pieces of topnotch quality resin with smooth surface. This works like the 2D inkjet printer, which is the printer that projects the small drops of photopolymer liquid that is treated using UV light.

3D Printed Fashion – What Will It Bring to Fashion?

Optimization of the production processes, cost optimization, and customization possibilities with manufacturing and printing, 3D printing opens a new creative field for fashion industry and enables to add up the cutting-edge technology to the traditional techniques.

In spite of the current obstacles, it offers interesting perspectives already in the category of accessories and is used in watch making, jewelry, and footwear. Additive manufacturing might totally change fashion industry and it is starting to shape fashion’s future.

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