Absolutely Everything That You Need To Know About the Cropped Hoodie

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A cropped hoodie is a great piece to wear when going to and from the gym or yoga class. It provides just enough coverage to keep your arms warm while ensuring that the world won’t see you in your workout tank. These tops are also used as club wear and can be worn to college classes, as well as around the house. For the most part, a cropped hoodie is an essential piece of athleisure, that is, exercise clothes that transcend their intended purpose and are worn all day, especially when running errands. This new trend has certainly taken off.


Styling a cropped hoodie is fairly easy since it’s one of the few pieces of clothing that doesn’t pair well with jeans. Instead, you want to wear leggings – either cropped or full-length, gym shorts, and a tank top or sports bra with them. As far as shoes are concerned, you definitely want to stick with athletic shoes of one brand or another, even if you have no intention of wearing them in the gym. This fits into the athleisure trend that most young women are wearing these days.


There is one major difference between a cropped hoodie and a standard one – the length of the top. Cropped hoodies are shorter, and tend to end around the mid-torso. Sometimes slim fitting tops are worn under them, with the bottom of the top on display, as it flows underneath the section where the hoodie ends. However, some people simply wear shorter shirts with the hoodie, or go with only a sports bra, leaving their midsections exposed. This is a perfectly acceptable way to wear them. Like standard hoodies, the cropped varieties also have hoods, and some even have front pockets of one kind or another.


When it comes to pricing, the cost of a cropped hoodie can vary. Even though they consist of less fabric than regular hoodies, they tend to be priced the same. With that said, the amount that you’ll pay for a top of this type depends on the weight of the fabric, the overall design, and the brand of the item. Most of these tops are made of a lightweight fabric that is designed for warmer weather, although there are a few heavier ones available. For the most part, this is something that you’ll be wearing when the weather is nice unless you feel like putting a heavy jacket or coat on over it.


This is the fun part – a cropped hoodie comes in a wide variety of different colors. Most of them are plain colored, which means that they lack any kind of pattern or additional decoration. They come in jewel tones, pastel colors, and classic neutrals like navy, black, white, and gray. Basically, the goal is to match your cropped hoodie to your other work out clothing, so you’ll need to find one that complements your favorite leggings and even your sneakers. Thankfully, these tops come in a veritable rainbow of shades, so this won’t be a problem.

Before Buying

When shopping for a cropped hoodie, you first need to determine what color you want yours to be. Then, you need to peruse the stores – or even the internet, including https://3dhoodies.net/ in order to find one that you like. Make sure to check the online size charts, since your hoodie needs to fit properly. Once you’ve narrowed it down by color and size, the next thing to do is buy your cropped hooded sweatshirt and wear it out, whether that’s to the gym or to the grocery store. You can even wear one to your college classes.

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