Do These Things Before You Put On Your Crop Top Hoodie

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People normally balk from the thought of reviving fashion trends of the 90s. However, the reboot of crop tops is youthful, charming, and even classic that makes it irresistible. Today, crop top hoodies are no longer meant for teenage pop stars alone. But, before you get too excited to wear your crop top hoodies to flash your midriff, there are several things you have to do first and foremost.


Consuming foods high in potassium such as carrots and avocados can keep your sodium levels and your bloat down as well as drinking lots of water. It will also not hurt to have regulating fiber packets or some sweaty gym sessions.

It’s Better When It’s Stiffer

Flowy materials look sloppy which borders on a flower power territory. For your crop top hoodie, you can choose a heavy and structured fabric which can hold its shape.

Pick Your Difficulty Level

Pseudo crop tops are much shorter compared to normal tops yet these don’t reveal skin that makes them the ideal entry level option. The beginner ones showcase a modest strip beneath the bra line. Advanced crops give a peek of the navel. It is easier to wear one with higher exposure line.

Have Some Room for Breathing

Snug tops can be very unforgiving. Something that extends past the body creates the illusion of having a smaller middle.

Be Wise with Shapewear

Shapewear and crop top hoodie are exact opposites in the world of wardrobe. However, if parting with your Spanx is unthinkable, see to it that it can’t be seen from all angles. You must be able to perform your workouts without showing even the smallest sliver of your undergarment.

Keep the Rest Conservative

When choosing your level of skin exposure, when you opt for midriff, take note that under butt, side boob, back, cleavage, and the rest of possibly erogenous zones must be covered. It is more than enough to show off one.

Skin Prep is the Key

Wearing your crop top hoodie is similar to having flashing signs pointed to your stomach. People will look no matter what you do. See to it that your skin is in great shape through moisturizing, resisting the urge to self tan, and waxing if needed. It might be slimming to have a bronzy glow yet if your midriff is three shades much darker than other parts of your body, it will only look awkward. If you will go for self tanning, your face must match your midriff.

Let Your Hair Loose

Play off the fun and cool look of crop top hoodie with a messy low ponytail. It will only take a minute to achieve and works with any natural hair texture, and is the ideal no-fuss look during summer.

Don’t Forget to Relax

You could try to starve yourself and suck it in all you want to achieve that Barbie size. However, you still have to breathe sooner or later, and of course, you also have to eat. There is nothing wrong with that. You don’t have to sport a top star abs. Just grab your crop top hoodie and pair it with confidence and enjoy the ride.

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