Hoodies for Girls – The Ultimate Fashion Statement for Girls

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Hoodies for girls have long and interesting history. However, in some parts of the world, this clothing apparel has gone through a difficult journey. It is almost the same with what teenage girls need to undergo and deal with their parents during those long and challenging teenage years. In fact, hoodies have become the ultimate symbol of devil may care attitude and teenage angst.

Hoodies – A Quick History in the United States

Hoodies refer to the pieces of comfortable and versatile clothing which are very popular among young girls, particularly those between 18 to 24 years of age. These are pullovers that have a distinct hood, which is why they are called hoodies in the first place. Hoodies usually have big pockets on the front as well as drawstrings for adjusting the opening of the hood.

But, where do these hoodies originated from? Many of you probably didn’t notice it but the history of hoodies actually date as far back as the time of the Middle Ages as the key clothing of Catholic monks. If you will try to look closely at the garment of monks, you will surely notice the similarities to the cowl’s design. Cowls refer to the decorative hood Catholic monks are wearing over their robes or tunics.

The hoodies for girls as they look now were originally worn by New York laborers during the 1930s. These laborers were working inside frozen warehouses. The American fashion designer Claire McCardell who introduced the idea of casual dressing to the Americans was also behind the popularization of the hoodies. She designed collections inspired by the hoodie. During the 1970s, hoodies rose to greater fame. The hip hop culture which thrived along the streets of New York fell in love with the hoodie due to the anonymity made possible by the hood. High fashion like the collections of Norma Kamali put more glamor to the hood such as in movies like Rocky that brought it to the spotlight.

Hoodies and Their Fame in the United Kingdom

Hoodies reached the UK together with the mainstream fame of hip hop culture. The popularity of hoodies for girls was undeniable due to their promises of anonymity, mystery, and even anxiety. Angela McRobbie, a Goldsmiths College professor, said that hoodies are a part of distancing the girls from the school uniform and office suit. She added that hoodies have become symbols of rebellion and they work the same as bondage trousers and leather jacket in the earlier youth cultures.

In May 2005, hoodies gained notoriety when Bluewater, a Kent shopping center, banned wearers of hoodies in their premises.  When this anti-hoodie call gained support from Prime Minister Tony Blair, it caused an outrage among the public. A rapper based in London, Lady Sovereign, showed here protest through her song Hoodie. People also took part in Save the Hoodie campaign particularly because the cold winters during 2009 and 2010 forced people into wearing hoodies to stay warm from freezing temperatures.

Today, hoodies for girls are no longer getting the same treatment as before. They have become stylish apparel perfect for every season and occasion.

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