How to Stay On Trend With This Guide to the Crop Top Hoodie

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Have you been wondering what you can wear with a crop top hoodie? Well, wonder no more! The answer – as well as plenty of facts about this unique type of sweatshirt – can be found here. Cropped hooded sweatshirts make great work out clothing, although they can also be worn out to clubs and other places. You’ll find them to be quite versatile, as long as you are comfortable wearing them. Their cropped styles mean that they are not for everyone, as the wearer needs to have a bit of confidence (or some good layering skills.) Read on to find out more.


A crop top hoodie is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a hooded sweatshirt whose bottom has essentially been “cropped” off. Rest assured that the use of “cropped” here only refers to its length. The fabric is completely finished and has no unsightly hanging threads. This type of sweatshirt is short enough as it is, it doesn’t need to be unraveling! Crop top hoodies usually have full-length sleeves, but other may have shortened or cropped sleeve lengths. This depends on the overall design, and it can certainly vary.


Since a crop top hoodie is meant to be slightly sexy (hence it’s cropped midriff length) it is also slightly more form fitting than your average hooded sweatshirt. When looking for one, remember that they tend to run small overall. You’ll mostly find these sweatshirts in the juniors department since they are marketed to a younger crowd. However, they’ll appear in the athletic section as well, and you might even find a few in the misses section. No matter where you find cropped hoodies in the store, they’ll be sized in either small, medium, large, and extra larger. They might even be available in slightly larger sizes as well.

Wearing One

A crop top hoodie can easily become a work out essential. Many people like them because their length allows for additional movement – they aren’t drowning in fabric – and they allow for some air circulation. Unlike traditional hoodies that are meant to keep you warm, crop top hoodies partially keep you cool. Many dancers wear them, but you will also find them out on the street, as this type of top fits into the athleisure category. Yes, that word is a combination of athletic and leisure, and it refers to exercise clothing that people wear around the house. It’s meant for far more than just working out.


One of the best things about a crop top hoodie is the array of colors that it’s available in. If you want one in a neutral shade of black, gray, or white, or even in brighter colors, you should have no trouble finding one. You might even be able to locate patterned crop top hoodies. Look for ones in colorful camouflage, possibly a galaxy print, or even with stripes and polka dots. There are so many options that you’ll probably need more than one. After all, you can wear them with various outfits, right?

Before Buying

Before you buy a crop top hoodie, you first need to determine where you’ll wear it. Are you planning to wear it to the club or the gym? The overall style, pattern, and fit matter here. You want to look comfortable, yet stylish. This is why you should consider purchasing one from There, you’ll find plenty of cropper hooded sweatshirts – one for every workout or club-going outfit. After all, you want one that you’ll wear a lot, and that goes with many other things in your wardrobe. You might even find yourself buying several of them!

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