Interesting Things About the Hooded Sweatshirt That You Absolutely Need to Know

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Where can you wear a hooded sweatshirt? The answer to that question is: just about everywhere! While you don’t want to wear one to the office, unless you work in a very casual place, you can get away with wearing one practically everywhere else. You can wear your sweatshirt to school, to the gym, to the park, to sporting events – and then some. It literally works for all casual occasions. There are few things that are this versatile, as well as comfortable.


A hooded sweatshirt is a classic piece that’s been in style for years. Its appeal never wanes. These tops are comfortable and warm, especially since they have a hood that can keep your head warm. Most sweatshirts like this also have pockets. Some have the type that all of the way across the front and have openings on either side for your hands. Others have a zippered front and pockets that resemble the ones found on a jacket. These hooded sweatshirts are just as comfortable to wear as the ones that you pull on over your head. While both work well for a number of different activities, some people favor one over the other.


Since a hooded sweatshirt is something that people of all ages and genders can wear, they unsurprisingly come in a wide array of sizes. Some are unisex, meaning that they are designed for both men and women. These sweatshirts tend to be slightly larger than the ones designed for just women, understandably. Then there are sweatshirts made just for men (although women can wear them), women, and kids. You’ll mostly find these sweatshirts in general sizing, such as small, medium, large, and so on, instead of numbered sizing. For the most part, numbered sizing is used for other types of shirts.


The price of a hooded sweatshirt varies just as much as the sizing options. It depends on the brand of the sweatshirt, as well as the material that it’s made out of. For example, sweatshirts made of 100% cotton will cost more than ones consisting of a polyester blend. The size type matters as well since sweatshirts for adults will obviously cost more than the ones for children. Another factor is the designer. Some designer sweatshirts are quite pricey since you’re paying for premium materials and the designer’s advertising budget. Those will cost quite a bit more than a regular store brand.


As you can imagine, the sky really seems to be limit when it comes to hooded sweatshirt colors. These tops come in everything from black to sky blue – pretty much in every color of the rainbow. If you can picture it, you can no doubt find a shirt in that color. Look for neutral ones that match everything in your wardrobe, special colors that will help you stand out in a crowd, and even printed sweatshirts made of patterned fabric. Some even glow in the dark or have decorative characters screen printed onto them. All of these can make it tough to pick just one.

When Buying One

When shopping for a hooded sweatshirt, a few decisions need to be made. What color do you want your sweatshirt to be? Where will you be wearing it? What will you be wearing it with? Once you’ve determined the answers to all of these questions, you then to need to find a place to look for the perfect one. is a good place to look. They sell plenty of different hooded sweatshirts, making it easy to choose one that you like. Of course, after you purchase your sweatshirt, the next step is to wear it everywhere!

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