Short Sleeve Hoodie – A Must-Have for Men and Women

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There are a lot of reasons why a short sleeve hoodie is said to be a superior clothing piece perfect all-year round. There are people who wear it with a shirt only while others layer this atop their T-shirts. If you are a fan of hoodies but you find them too warm to wear for summer, the short sleeve version is the best choice for you.

Short sleeve hoodies are lightweight and thinner so you will not be too sweaty in the same way that you do when wearing a regular hoodie. On top of that, these hoodies also look great. You can wear them on your morning jogs and you will definitely get the attention of the other joggers.

Short Sleeve Hoodies for Sports and Summer

How do short sleeve hoodies fit into sports? With their short sleeves, it makes it much easier for you to move every time you play basketball, for instance. You will definitely look great as you shoot hoops in style with your short sleeve hoodie. Zumba and aerobics classics are getting more popular by the day, and these are also ideal occasions to wear your hoodies. You will definitely stay comfortable and look hip during your workout.

Another trend that has started recently is wearing hoodies around town or when just playing it cool by the pool. Adults and kids alike love wearing these short sleeve hoodies. You can find models for women and men alike, both of which have distinct styles. Startups and universities are filled with hoodies especially during summer months.

Features of Short Sleeve Hoodies

When days are hot, you can stay cool with these hoodies. If a gust of wind blows, you simply have to get the hood up and you can then be warm and cozy.

These hoodies are often made from cotton or combination of synthetics. These two materials are both lightweight and they don’t make you feel warm, which make them an ideal clothing for hot times of the year. They are ideal for playing basketball, workouts, aerobics class, jogging, or even when you are just exploring around town. Matching shorts and pants are usually available to give you a cooler and more coordinated look.

Find the Right Short Sleeve Hoodies for You

With all the different options of hoodies available right now, how do you choose the one that best suits you? Before anything else, you have to decide on the purpose of your short sleeve hoodie. Sports hoodies are ideal when made from functional materials that can absorb lots of moisture and have a quick dry effect. If you will not use it for sports, go for a model in cotton or synthetic mix or just cotton.

The next thing you have to do is decide if you need a zip down or pullover hoodie. A zip down model is perfect if you like to take it off or on quickly or when you use this as a layer. Such version features two pockets on the front. On the other hand, pullover short sleeve hoodie often has a single kangaroo pocket on its front.


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