Stay On Trend with A Short Sleeve Hoodie: A Definitive Shopping Guide

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While the concept of a short sleeve hoodie may seem counterintuitive – after all, hooded sweatshirts meant to keep you warm – they are actually quite trendy. For the most part, a short-sleeved hooded sweatshirt is worn as work out gear, especially in the summer, when you’ll need to pull something on before leaving home to go to the gym. However, they also make great bathing suit cover-ups. Basically, you need to get on this trend and work one of these short sleeved pieces of clothing into your wardrobe.


A short sleeve hoodie serves a very specific purpose and has a distinctive look. They resemble regular hooded sweatshirts, but with a few differences. They do have a hood, and body made of regular sweatshirt fabric. However, they also have shortened sleeves that fall above the elbows. Some of them are cropped, meaning that they aren’t as long as the other kinds. Lastly, they are slim through the torso, not full of billowing fabric like standard hoodies. This differentiates them from their long-sleeved companions and gives them a completely different look.


Another thing that differentiates a short sleeve hoodie from a regular one are the sizes that it comes in. Short sleeved hooded sweatshirts tend to be designed for young adults and teenagers, as well as women who want to work out. For these reasons, you’ll find them in the juniors section – but not the misses one – as well as in the same area as all of the other work out clothing. Hoodies with short sleeves are usually not designed for men so that you won’t find them in the men’s section. As far as the physical sizes go, they’ll be in the usual small, medium, large, and extra large ones.


The price of a short sleeve hoodie can vary, but for the most part, they are rather affordable. Unless you’re looking at one made by a high-end designer, these tops are priced under $50, with most in the $30 or less range. The reason for these inexpensive prices are twofold – one, they consist of less fabric than a standard sweatshirt, and two, they are made of cotton or a poly and cotton blend. These inexpensive fabrics make sweatshirts of all types very affordable. No matter your budget, you’ll be able to find one in your price range.


There is one more thing to consider – color. A short sleeve hoodie is usually made of one single color of fabric. That is, they aren’t patterned or embellished with things like lace or trim. They are usually black since that’s a popular color for workout clothing, as well as blue, green, purple, red, and so on. These sweatshirts come in every color of the rainbow, but you won’t find any in a rainbow print. This is due to the fact that they are designed to be exercise clothing, and need to match with leggings, shoes, and tank tops, among other things.

Before Buying

Before you go out and purchase a short sleeve hoodie, first think of where you plan on wearing it. Will it be worn to your college classes? Are you going to work out in it? Do you want to wear your short sleeved sweatshirt to the beach or the pool? Or are you simply going to wear it around the house? Pondering the answers to these questions will help you determine what you’re going to wear it with, which in turn will help you figure out what colors to buy. Then consider going to where you’ll find plenty of these short sleeved hooded sweatshirts to buy.

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